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1300 Series Disc Mower Conditioners 9'3" to 15'3"

Fast, clean cutting regardless of what stands in the way.

We've got you covered with smooth cutting action, along with superb conditioning, as standard amenities with a Massey Ferguson 1300 Hesston Series disc mower conditioner.

1300 Series Disc Mower Conditioners

The 1300 Series PT Disc Mower Conditioners feature reliable swinging tongue convenience that allows the operator to cut square corners, windrow back and forth on the same side of the field and steer around field obstacles.  You will appreciate the features built into the 1300 Series Massey Ferguson and Hesston Series disc pull-type mower conditioners. Your choices start with a quality side-pull Model 1359 that is the perfect size for small fields and tight quarters. The new Hesston Series center-pivot disc Models 1372 and 1375 take productivity to the next level.

New in 2010 is our 1363 model. This 10 ft side pull disc mower conditioner is designed for small to mid-sized farming operations. With its economical side-pull design, the versatility of the 1363 allows it to work with a vast variety of farming operations. The mower features the new Razor-Bar™ low profile cutterbar with a segmented spur gear cutterbed and a nodular iron casing along with steel or rubber conditioner options

Model Cutting Width: ft (m) PTO hp (kW)
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1359 9.3 (2.8) 60 (45)
1363 9.8 (2.97) 70 (52)
1366 9.75 (2.97) 75 (55)
1372 12 (3.66) 85 (63)
1375 15.3 (4.6) 120 (89)
RazorBar™ Cutterbar

RazorBar™ Low Profile Cutterbar

The RazorBar™ cutterbar is a spur gear design is offered in the 1363 model. Each gear assembly and adjacent idler gear can be individually removed, without disassembly of the cutterbar. The spur gear design allows the cutterbar profile to be thinner, allowing closer cutting with less scalping.

Modular Component Shaft Drive

The Model 1359 has a segmented shaft drive with bevel gears. The segmented shafts allow each module to be removed from the cutterbar individually quickly and easily. If a major failure occurs, the cutterbed is designed to keep the damage contained in one module.

Low Profile Spur Gear Cutterbed

Slices through tangled crops getting close to the ground without scalping the ground.

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Shear Protection

Minimizes damage in the event an obstruction is encountered in the field.

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Wide Conditioner Rolls

Allows a large volume of crop to go through the head and the crop mat for more consistent conditioning.

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Over-Center Cam

Conditioner roll tension is standard on the Models 1372 and 1375.

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Heavy-Duty Frames

Heavy-duty frames on all mowers allows for long life and efficient operation. The Models 1372 and 1375 feature a center pivot design with a swivel hitch and the Model 1359 uses a side pull frame.

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Multiple Spring Floatation

creates a smooth cut in almost any field condition. The head is able to float both radially and vertically ensuring close cutting while minimizing the risk of damaging the cutterbar or field.

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Three Year Cutterbar Warranty

All new Disc Mower Conditioners feature a standard 3 year cutterbar warranty covering the cast iron module and all internal parts of the cutterbar.

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