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Pro DM Series Mowers

A more precise cut of your crop, your time, even your costs.


Massey Ferguson Pro DM Series Mower

Designed for contractors and larger farms and built to tackle the big jobs. The Professional Series offers many exclusive features that drive high performance and low maintenance, increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs.

The Professional Series disc mowers feature individual compact angular gears that provide an extremely smooth power transfer to all discs, resulting in less wear than a conventional gear drive and ensuring a longer and more reliable cutterbar life. Also featuring rupture protection in the event of hitting a large obstacle.

The wedge shaped bar provides the added benefit of a low cut and the ‘Big Disc” design ensures a large overlap which results in a clean cut even in the face of high volume and difficult crops. The modular design enables quick and easy servicing in the field should it be required.

Lateral suspension with controlled lifting cinematic device results in a compact transport position and low transport height.

A quick change knife system is standard on the Professional Series mowers, increasing the efficiency of operation.

As an option for a linkage mower conditioner the DM1358 can be quickly and easily retrofitted with a RC Roller conditioner, while the DM1361 can be retrofitted with a KC Tine conditioner.

Sturdy exterior support guarantees long working life of protective cloths thus increasing operational safety of the machine.

Complete pick-up of forage supported by aggressive conveyor drums and rotating swath former.

Model Working Width: ft (m) Minimum Power (hp) Discs
DM1358 8.4 (2.55) 54 5
DM1358 with Tine Conditioner 8.4 (2.55) 75 5
DM1358 with Roller Conditioner 8.4 (2.55) 75 5
DM1361 9.10 (3) 61 6
DM1361 with Tine Conditioner 9.10 (3) 86 6
DM1362 11.6 (3.5) 68 7

Features common to all models

Compact modular angle cutterbar

Compact Modular Angle Cutterbar

Low-profile, lightweight and shaft-driven, this doublebevel gear design allows the mower to run at a shallower angle, improving cut quality, optimizing efficiency and extending the life of the cutterbar.

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Removable tine conditioner

Removable Tine Conditioner (Optional)

Unlike typical conditioners, our unique coil design gently conditions the crop without tearing nutrientrich leaves from the plant. And it takes just moments to attach or remove.

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Main drive gearbox

Main Drive Gearbox

This feature provides for a simple, clear driveline and high flexibility. With no belts required, you’ll save time and money on maintenance.

DM1340 Front Mounted Mower Features

Trailing Link Front Suspension

Trailing Link Front Suspension

The trailing link front suspension provides optimum flotation for optimum adaptability to ground contours and rough terrain.

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Hydraulic Side Shift

Hydraulic Side Shift

The DM1340 can be hydraulically side shifted 8 inches to the left or 8 inches to the right for cutting around corners.

DM1398 Rear Mower Features

TurboLift Hydraulic Flotation

TurboLift Hydraulic Flotation

The TurboLift hydraulic flotation is an advanced system that adapts extremely well to ground contours, for optimum flotation at high field speeds. This unique design allows the mower to glide into dips or depressions for a closer field cut, while still maintaining optimum flotation with minimum ground pressure.
SafetySwing Collision Protection
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SafetySwing Collision Protection

At high mowing speeds its easy to come in contact with an unmovable object. That’s why the DM1398 is equipped with the SafetySwing collision protection system. Unlike competitive mowers, the SafetySwing allows the mowers to swerve backwards and upwards independently to clear an obstacle, preventing damage to the mower. After the object has been cleared the mowers automatically reset without having to stop the tractor.

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