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SV Series Super V+Y Rakes

A Massey Ferguson SV410 or SV440 (heavy-duty) Super V + Y rake can be nearly anything you need it to be. Equipped with the standard 10 or 14 rake wheels respectively, the SV410 and SV440 function as a rugged overhead-frame conventional wheel rake. Add another rake wheel to the front of each wing to cover an even wider raking width.

Or, add the three-wheel rear extension kit to transform your V-rake into a Y-rake for turning the crop across the full rake width. All models easily fold from the tractor cab for narrow transport — as little as 10 feet, 4 inches on the SV410.

The high-tongue, overhead frame and outboard wheels ensure that the area in front of the rake wheels is always free of restrictions that can affect crop movement. Because the rake beams are suspended from the frame, there's no need for gauge wheels that can drop into a ditch or bounce off the ground, lifting the rake wheels in the process.

From front to rear, you'll witness consistent suspension, positive ground contact and smooth crop flow.


5000 Hesston Series Y + V Rakes
  • Large-diameter rake wheels handle the heaviest of forage crops, while the 40 steel tines per wheel keep the crop moving without "windmilling", putting more crop in the windrow.
  • Single or dual cylinders (depending on the model) adjust raking width to match your harvest equipment.
  • Heavy-duty rake wheel hubs feature sealed ball bearings for maximum durability and lifespan.
  • Each rake wheel has its own spring, so it floats independently for cleaner raking.
  • Adjustable down-pressure springs allow the operator to fine-tune the rake to crop and field conditions — extending the life of rake tines and decreasing the chance of dirt and debris being deposited in the windrow.
  • Tandem-axle walking beams equipped with large flotation tires allow the rake to closely follow ground contours so you get every stem without adding compaction.
  • Rake frame width and beam angle adjustment are infinitely adjustable within limits, allowing the operator to effectively match raking width to crop volume and raking conditions, all without leaving the tractor seat.
Model Configuration Required Kit(s) Raking Width
SV410 10-Wheel V None (Base unit) Up to 22 ft.
12-Wheel V 2-wheel front extension (1 wheel per wing) Up to 25 ft.
13-Wheel Y 3-wheel rear Y extension Up to 22 ft.
15-Wheel Y 2-wheel front extension + 3-wheel rear Y extension Up to 25 ft.
SV440 14-Wheel V None (Base unit) Up to 31 ft.
16-Wheel V 2-wheel front extension (1 wheel per wing) Up to 34 ft. 6 in.
17-Wheel Y 3-wheel rear Y extension Up to 31 ft.
19-Wheel Y 2-wheel front extension + 3-wheel rear Y extension Up to 34 ft. 6 in.

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