Sunflower from Massey Ferguson 1000 Series Disc Harrows

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1000 Series Disc Harrows

America's #1 Selling Disc Line

Sunflower introduced the first Flexible Offset Disc to the American farmer in 1968.

Massey Ferguson Tractor with Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrow

With over 40 years of disc building experience, Sunflower knows what it takes to make them work. Now two of the biggest names in the industry have come together to bring you the Sunflower line from Massey Ferguson®.

The Sunflower from Massey Ferguson Disc Harrows are capably of handling operations from primary through finish discing.

Model 1212 Disc Harrow is the discing answer for America's smaller farmers.

The 1300 Series disc is the best flexible Offset disc on the market.

The 1234 and 1435 Series discs are designed to save you time, improve your tillage pass and help you become a more efficient producer.

The Sunflower 1444 and 1544 Series discs features four section flexibility for unmatched ground hugging capabilities and the 1550 Series five section disc with a monster 50' working width is unsurpassed..

All Sunflower from Massey Ferguson discs are loaded with features that give a definite edge over competitive brands in acre consuming efficiency.

Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows - Disc Blade Diameters

Disc Blade Diameters

Sunflower from Massey Ferguson offers a variety of disc blade diameters, thickness and spacing to allow you to select the best combination for your farming operation.

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Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Light Kit

Light Kit

Safety light kit and SMV sign are standard equipment.

A light kit is standard on all Sunflower equipment. Light kits have a flashing feature, turn signals and can be viewed from front and rear. SMV emblems are also standard.

Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Coil Tines

Coil Tines

Our most popular finishing attachment features three rows of 1/2" x 22" coil tines on 12" centers, 4" spacing overall. Each section features backup protection and can be adjusted for tine pitch, height, tilt and down pressure. (All Models)
Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Three Row Spike Drag

Three Row Spike Drag

The three row spike drag features independence of each bar allowing maximum conformance to irregular terrain. Its weight provides the aggressive action necessary to handle tough soils while the 1" spikes on 1 3/4" centers effectively completes the seedbed and incorporation process, (1434 & 1544).
Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Rear Tow Hitch

Rear Tow Hitch

Two rear tow hitch options are available. The first (shown in the photo) features a slide hitch and ball joint for ease of hook-ups in limited space situations. The second option, not shown, features a fixed hitch with ball joint. (All Models)
Sunflower Three year Limited Warranty

Three Year Warranty

What better peace of mind. All Sunflower discs are protected by a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

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Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows C-Flex Bearing Standards

C-Flex Bearing Standards

C-Flex bearing hangers absorb disc gang shock, prolonging bearing and frame life.

Standard equipment on every Sunflower disc, the C-Flex™ bearing standards absorb disc gang shock created by stumps, rocks and normal discing. This extends the bearing, spool and disc blade life.

A bonus feature is the C-Flex's™ ability to clear residue better than conventional rigid standards. The C-Flex™ bearing standards also allow for easy maintenance of the disc gang assembly.

More information about C-Flex Bearing Standards Hide information about C-Flex Bearing Standards

Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Front-Mounted Gauge Wheels

Front-Mounted Gauge Wheels

A trademark on all flexible Sunflower discs is front-mounted gauge wheels. This important feature prevents the front gangs of the wing frame from gouging, buckling or cutting deeper than the other gangs, promoting a level, ridge or furrow free field.

The heavy-duty gauge wheels feature a 5-bolt hub and 8.00 x 10 ply tire.

Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Self-Leveling Hitch

Self-Leveling Hitch

Self-leveling hitch simplifies leveling the disc from front to rear.

Level the disc frame from front to rear with Sunflower's unique self-leveling hitch. This positive adjustment maintains a pre-selected setting regardless of the tillage depth. It features heavy-duty compression springs on each side of the pivot to cushion both front and rear gangs, important when crossing ditches or rough terrain. Some disc models offer optional hydraulic adjustment.

Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Maintenance-Free Lift System

Maintenance-Free Lift System

Maintenance-free lift and fold system features UHMW sleeves that eliminate greasing.

Sunflower discs are equipped with maintenance-free lift systems. These systems pivot on space-age UHMW polymer sleeves eliminating greasing (except on 1211 & 1300 series).

Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Maintenance-Free Wing Hinges

Maintenance-Free Wing Hinges

Maintenance free wing hinges that utilize the same UHMW technology as the lift systems are used on some models.
Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows Staggered Overlapping Disc Gangs

Staggered Overlapping Disc Gangs

Overlapping disc gangs prevent ridging in the center.

With the exception of the 1300 Offset Series, every Sunflower disc features staggered overlapping disc gangs - one of the keys to level discing.

The overlapped placement of the front gangs cuts all of the ground cleanly while the staggered rear gangs throw the soil back in a criss-cross pattern.

More information about Staggered Overlapping Disc Gangs Hide information about Staggered Overlapping Disc Gangs

Sunflower 1000 Series Disc Harrows - Trunnion Bearings

Sunflower's Trunnion Bearings

Self aligning Trunnion gang bearings feature triple lip seals that cannot be damaged by daily greasing

More information about Sunflower's Trunnion Bearings Hide information about Sunflower's Trunnion Bearings

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