Sunflower from Massey Ferguson 6630 Vertical Tillage

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6630 Vertical Tillage System

Conservation Tillage

Now you can have quality & value in a high-performance vertical tillage implement.  

Sunflower 6630 Vertical Tillage

The Sunflower from Massey Ferguson 6630 Series vertical tillage tools feature durability, efficient, high-performance tillage action, and innovative engineering. Plus, the 6630 implements feature the stay-sharp, serrated Sunflower Saber Blade™ vertical tillage blades. The Saber Blade cuts through tough crop residue with ease and penetrates hard soils. The rippled Saber Blade profile creates a soil mixing action not possible with any other blade. The crop residue is sized, mixed and anchored for faster soil warm-up and resistance to wind and water erosion.

Coulter Blade

Coulter Blade

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Row Cleaners

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Shank Assembly

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Berming Blades

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Berm Reel

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Row Unit Mounting

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Trail Hitch

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