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All-Purpose Grain Drills

Seeding Quality

For years Sunflower multi purpose grain drills, have featured a unique frame design and delivered unmatched flexibility and seeding performance in all field conditions.


All-Purpose Grain Drills

Now two of the biggest names in the industry have come together to bring you the Sunflower line from Massey Ferguson.

The 9312 Series Grain Drills are ideal for pastures which require re-seeding due to drought or over grazing because this tough, compact grain drill can handle all of their conventional and no till seeding needs.

For maximum productivity, Sunflower developed the 9413 three-point mounted all purpose grain drill line. The 9413 is one of the only mounted true no-till grain drills on the market.

The 9421 multi-purpose grain drill features a narrow transport width compared to wide, rigid, mounted designs that are difficult to move between fields. 

The Sunflower from Massey Ferguson 9435 Grain Drill can be tailored to your operation and be your single source for conventional seeding right through no-til.

The Sunflower line from Massey Ferguson truly is "Seeding Quality."

Extra Heavy Frames

Extra Heavy Frames

Heavy duty 3/8" thick 7" x 7" main frames are coupled to a 3/8" thick 3" x 5" opener frame to create a sound foundation for all Sunflower grain drills.

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8" of Open Stagger

To allow crop residues to flow through the openers and not gather within. All Sunflower grain drills feature a full 8 inches of front to rear opener stagger.
Seed Box Sight Glass

Seed Box Sight Glass

All seed boxes feature a clear plastic sight glass to view seed level from the tractor seat.

Quick Hand Adjustments

Seed metering rates on each seed box are changed by a simple screw type adjustment.

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Large Seed Boxes and Lids - Shown with optional legume box

Large Seed Boxes and Lids

Low profile seed boxes feature capacities of 2.4 bushels through 3 bushels per foot.

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Nylon Seed Cups

Nylon Seed Cups

Nylon seed cups with six internal flutes accurately meter a wide variety of seeds without seed damage.

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Drive Mechanism

Drive mechanism features maintenance free sprockets, #50 chain, and spring loaded drive wheels to ensure constant soil contact and accurate seed metering.

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All-Purpose Opener

All-Purpose opener features easy to reach settings for varying field conditions. All openers can be reset for varying field conditions in a matter of minutes with no tools.

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