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Land Finishers

A Single Pass Solution To Your Multi-Needs

Perform your discing, incorporation, cultivating, and field finishing in one tillage pass with the Sunflower from Massey Ferguson Land Finishers.

Land Finishers

The 6000 Series Land Finishers can enhance seed-to-soil contact and create a favorable environment for early root growth.

Model 6221 is designed for smaller tractors but delivers large performance.Model 6333 Land Finisher is easily adjustable, feature packed, and fits a wide range of medium horsepower tractors. With the Sunflower from Massey Ferguson Land Finishers, you be a more efficient operator by cutting your farm input cost in fuel use, tractor wear, multiple implement cost and anti-compaction campaigns.  The model 6433 is designed to match the high horsepower tractors with working widths from 37' to 43'.

Sunflower Three Year Limited Warranty

Three Year Warranty

What better peace of mind. All Sunflower discs are protected by a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

All components except disc blades, scrapers, tires and hydraulic hose are covered for three years. If you trade the disc off prior to the end of the warranty period, the remaining warranty will transfer to the new owner.

This helps add resale value to your Sunflower from Massey Ferguson Disc.

Sunflower Land Finishers Disc Gang Reel

Disc Gang Reel

The unique disc gang reel is located directly behind the disc gang and provides four important actions:

1. Pulverizes soils and clods
2. Thoroughly incorporates chemicals
3. Vigorously mixes soil and residue
4. Prevents lateral movement of the soil

Sunflower Land Finishers Single Point Depth Control

Single Point Depth Control

Single point depth control prevents the need to climb on the frames to set the hydraulic cylinders for a depth adjustment.

Precision Single Point Depth Control eliminates climbing on the frame.

Sunflower Land Finishers Spring Cushioned Mounts

Spring Cushioned Mounts

The disc gangs are equipped with heavy-duty spring cushioned mounts for protection against obstructions such as rocks and stumps. This allows the gangs to penetrate more uniformly and prevent gouging when crossing ditches or terraces.
Sunflower Land Finishers Adjustable Disc Gangs

Adjustable Gangs

Hydraulic disc gang adjustment moves disc gangs from 2" below the sweep to 5" above.

The gangs are adjustable from 2" below to 5" above the cultivator sweeps and adjustment is accomplished with either the manual or hydraulically adjustable feature.

Sunflower Land Finishers Heavy-Duty Disc Gang Assemblies

Heavy-Duty Disc Gang Assemblies

1 3/4" diameter gang shafts and steel spools ensure precise alignment of the entire disc gang.

More information about Heavy-Duty Disc Gang Assemblies Hide information about Heavy-Duty Disc Gang Assemblies

Sunflower Land Finishers Hinge Joint

Hinge Joint

The Sunflower from Massey Ferguson hinge joint is built heavy, and equipped with 1 1/8" diameter, grade 5 hinge bolts for added strength. The hinge features heavy tubular sleeves equipped with grease zerks for easy maintenance and increased life.

Sunflower Land Finishers Walking Tandems

Walking Tandems

Provide a smooth ride over the roughest conditions allowing a more uniform working depth to be maintained and providing the ultimate in incorporation. The walking beams rotate on long life, tapered roller bearing and heavy-duty spindles.

Sunflower Land Finishers Transport Lock

Transport Lock

Sunflower's unique transport lock is designed so the operator does not climb onto or beneath the machine to activate. Just pull or push the handle to operate.

Sunflower Land Finishers Frame Leveling

Frame Leveling

Precise Frame Leveling can be accomplished with the easy accessible screw type adjustment.

Sunflower Land Finishers Spring Tension Shanks

Spring Tension Shanks

"On edge" 5/8" x 1 3/4" Spring Tension Shanks carry a 190 lbs. point load that ensures the shovel will run flat and enables the shank to operate in all secondary and light primary conditions.

Sunflower Land Finishers 2-Piece S-Tine Shanks

2-Piece S-Tine Shanks

Optional on-edge Spring Tension or 2-piece "S" tine shanks.

"On edge" 5/8" x 1 3/4" 2-Piece S-Tine Shanks offer heavy point loads that can handle all secondary tillage situations. 2-piece design allows the operator to replace either the top or the bottom sections individually.

Sunflower Land Finishers Transport Safety Lighting

Transport Safety Lighting

A transport safety light kit and SMV emblem are standard on all Sunflower from Massey Ferguson equipment.

A light kit is standard on all Sunflower from Massey Ferguson equipment. Light kits have a flashing feature, turn signals and can be viewed front the front and the rear. This is part of Sunflower's commitment to your safety. SMV emblems are also standard.

Sunflower Land Finishers Tine & Reel Finishing Attachment

Tine & Reel Finishing Attachment

A tine and reel finishing attachment features a three row coil tine with reel or a four row coil tine section that can be adjusted for the desired pitch.

More information about Tine & Reel Finishing Attachment Hide information about Tine & Reel Finishing Attachment

Sunflower Land Finishers Chopper Reel & Three Row Spike Attachment

Chopper Reel & Three Row Spike Attachment

A chopper reel and three row spike attachment is considered our most aggressive attachment. The reel features offset chopper blades that minimize vibration.

More information about Chopper Reel & Three Row Spike Attachment Hide information about Chopper Reel & Three Row Spike Attachment

Sunflower Land Finishers Three Row Spike and Reel

Three Row Spike and Reel

The three row spike and reel combination features independence between the spike and the reel - in fact, each bar of the spike performs independently for maximum conformance to rough terrain.

More information about Three Row Spike and Reel Hide information about Three Row Spike and Reel

Sunflower Land Finishers Six Row Spike Drag

Six Row Spike Drag

The 6-Row Spike Drag is designed for heavy residue conditions. The combination of individual spike placement and the flexibility offered by individual bars make the 6-Row Spike Drag the #1 attachment in high residue conditions.

Additional Features

  • Loaded with features to help comply with today's residue management requirements.
  • Folds to a narrow 14' 10" transport width.
  • Disc gangs features 20" diameter conservation blades with 1 5/16" concavity.
  • 30' through 35' working widths.

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