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1700E Series Economy Tractors

The Next Generation of Value and Performance

MF 1700 Economy Series

Massey Ferguson is pleased to offer the 1700E Series line of economy compact tractors. Designed with simplicity and performance in mind, these tractors have the tools necessary to compete in the economy compact tractor market. THREE models are available, offering 24.0 to 38.5 engine HP. All tractors feature powerful, clean-burning diesel engines, open operator’s station, 4wd capability, and a choice of mechanical gear or hydrostatic transmission to meet the demands of the job at hand. Rear 540 PTO and 3-point hitch round out the standard features and make the 1700E Series a formidable workhorse on any small farm or worksite.

Model Engine hp (kW) Engine Type Transmission Options
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MF 1726E 24.0 (17.9) Shibaura N843T-F 3-cylinder diesel 9x3 or HST
MF 1734E 34.0 (25.4) Shibaura N843T-F 3-cylinder diesel 9x3 or HST
MF 1739E 38.5 (28.7) Shibaura N843T-F 3-cylinder diesel 9x3 or HST
Massey Ferguson 1700 Economy Series Engine

Clean, powerful, efficient diesel engine

All models feature a 3-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine that is both powerful and clean. Turbocharging and electronic engine management allow the engine to produce excellent power and torque to get the job done, while still complying with the EPA’s tough Tier 4 emissions requirements. A single piece all-steel hood opens up easily up to provide full access to the engine compartment for convenient service and maintenance.
Massey Ferguson 1700 Economy Series Transmission

Choice of transmissions

Customers have a choice of a mechanical gear transmission or a hydrostatic transmission. The mechanical transmission is a 9x3 constant mesh design featuring 9 forward and 3 reverse speeds. Simple hand levers and a foot clutch allow for convenient speed changes to match the job at hand. The mechanical transmission is ideal for applications such as mowing, hauling, and grading. The 3-range hydrostatic transmission is the easiest transmission to operate, having a simple rocker foot pedal to control forward and reverse travel speed. The further you press the pedal, the faster the tractor goes. There is no need to use a foot clutch to control travel speed and direction. The hydrostatic transmission is ideal for loader work.
Massey Ferguson 1700 Economy Series Hydraulics

High-flow hydraulics

The 1700E Series offers high-flow hydraulics to make work more productive. Higher hydraulic flow allows implements to respond more quickly, and loaders to operate faster to get more work done in a day. All tractor models can be equipped with a front loader and convenient joystick control, as well as up to 2 rear remote valves for connecting and powering additional hydraulic implements, such as a log splitter. >

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