MF 5400 Series Mid-Range Tractors

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5400 Series 75 - 115 hp

Farming is not just a job. This is not just a tractor.

Check out Massey Ferguson's 5400 Series “Ultimate Loader Tractor”

  • Increase you loading efficiency and accuracy
  • Hi-Visibility Hood for an unparalleled view while performing loader work
  • Award Winning Dyna-4 Transmission

5400 Series mid-range tractors were overbuilt on purpose to be the most rugged and reliable tractors on the market today, and for years to come.

MF 5480 Mid-Range Tractor
  • So comfortable that when the day is done, you aren't.
  • Reach key engine points in seconds.
  • 16-speed transmission translates into getting the job done faster.
Model Engine Displacement
PTO hp (kW) * Transmission
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MF 5445 Perkins 1104D 269 (4.4) 75 (56) Dyna-4™
MF 5455 Perkins 1104D 269 (4.4) 85 (63) Dyna-4™
MF 5460 Perkins 1104D 269 (4.4) 95 (71) Dyna-4™
MF 5465 AGCO SISU POWER™ 66 CTA 402 (6.6) 100 (75) Dyna-4™
MF 5470 AGCO SISU POWER™ 44 CTA 269 (4.4) 105 (78) Dyna-4™
MF 5475 AGCO SISU POWER™ 66 CTA 402 (6.6) 110 (82) Dyna-4™
MF 5480 AGCO SISU POWER™ 49 CTA 299 (4.9) 115 (86) Dyna-4™
MF 5400 Series Engine


95 to 140 HP - Powerful Perkins® 1104-E44TA diesels are compliant for maximum fuel economy and minimum emissions. The AGCO SISU POWER Citius 44CTA, 49CTA and 66CTA engines use new technology to produce more power with greater fuel efficiency.

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MF 5400 Series PTO Switch


75 to 115 hp @ 2200 rpm – For maximum versatility and efficiency, the 5400 Series are equipped with an independent 540/1000 RPM PTO system.
MF 5400 Series Transmission


The Dyna-4™ 16F x 16R semi powershift transmission is standard on the 5400 Series. It features a multi-function powershuttle allowing you to change direction, powershift and declutch without removing your hand from the steering wheel.

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MF 5400 Series Hydraulics


The 5400 Series comes standard with an open center hydraulic system capable of supplying 15 gallons per minute to the remotes.

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MF 5400 Series 3-Point Hitch

3-Point Hitch

The Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) gives you a choice of draft sensing mode for quick response to changing field conditions, or position control mode for maintaining a steady height or depth.
MF 5400 Series Cab Suspension

Cab Suspension

The versatile range of the 5400 Series has received a considerable boost with the introduction of a cab suspension system - available on all models in the series.

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MF 5400 Series Tractor Cab Interior

Operator's Area

Choose a cab or platform model and you can expect state-of-the art comfort and convenience. With 61 sq. feet of glass and ergonomically designed instruments and controls, the operator’s area makes operation of the tractor as simple as possible.

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About the Massey Ferguson 5475 tractor Cary received for being named Farmer of the Year: "It’s very dependable, and I like the visibility in the cab and how easy it is to change implements on the tractor."

"Even when I’m pulling a trailer with tanks," says Cary,
"that tractor gets up and goes."

Cary Lightsey, Lake Wales, Florida