Massey Ferguson 7600 Series

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7600 Series 140 - 195 hp

More Power. More choices. More performance.

Welcome to the next generation of mid-frame row crop tractors with a completely redesigned cab, generation 2 SCR technology, the industry leader in emissions control, and all new family styling. The 7600 Series features the choice of the exclusive Dyna-VT™ CVT (continuously variable transmission) which provides infinitely variable speed control from supercreep to transport speed without shifting, jerking or a delay in traction or power, or the industry unique 24F/24R Partial Powershift with exclusive features like pre-set cruise speeds and standard Autodrive. Together, with the upgraded cab, emissions system, and choice of transmissions, the 7600 Series combines into the perfect tractor for any job around the farm or the field.

Massey Ferguson 7600 Series
  • Customized comfort. Tough enough for any job.
  • Transmissions with the most efficient power transfer in the industry. More productivity at the touch of a button.
  • Less time spent refueling, more time spent working.
Model Engine Cylinder Displacement Engine hp PTO hp Transmission
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MF 7614 AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 120 110 Dyna-4 (16x16)
MF 7615 AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 130 110 Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)
MF 7615 AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 130 120 Dyna-4 (16x16)
MF 7616 AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 150 120 Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)
MF 7618 AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 165 130 Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)
MF 7619 AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 170 140 Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)
MF 7620 AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 180 150 Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)
MF 7622 AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 200 165 Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)
MF 7624 AGCO POWER 6 7.4L 220 180 Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)
MF 7626 AGCO POWER 6 7.4L 240 195 Dyna-6 (24x24)


Two quality engines are featured on the 7600 Series. The AGCO Power 66 CTA powers the 7619, 7620, and 7622 Dyna-VT models, while the 74 CTA powers 7622 Dyna-6 and the 7624. Both of these Tier 4i compliant engines are designed for efficiency and long life with AGCO Power’s focus on removing vibration, one of the key causes of engine wear.

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The 7600 Series can be equipped with the Dyna-6 Partial Powershift or the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission. Both transmissions offer an operator the ultimate in efficiency and ease of operation with features like Dynamic Tractor Management and programmable cruise speeds.

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Closed center pressure flow compensated system provides 29GPM of total flow. Choices include all mechanical, a mix of electric and mechanical, and all electric hydraulic valves.

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The 7600 Series comes standard with both 540 and 100 RPM PTO with a 540 Economy available. Changing between speeds is a simple as exchanging shafts. With easy to use controls in the cab and a convenient PTO shut off switch on the fender, choosing the correct PTO speed is as simple as touching a button. Standard 540 Economy PTO reduces engine rpm 23% when power is not needed.

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Operator's Area

The all new interior of the 7600 Series provides any operator a quiet, comfortable environment designed with the customer and long days at work in mind. Spacious with a new, flatter floor, the 7600 Series cab has the industry leading lowest decibel level. All new controls common to both transmissions means less guesswork and more familiarity, all within easy reach on the new Control Armrest that puts the most frequently used tractor functions at your fingertips.

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Easy access to tractor service items added to increased service intervals allows a savings in time and money.

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3-Point Hitch

Electronic 3-point hitch control offers a choice of "draft-sensing mode" for quick response to changing field conditions, or "position-control mode" for maintaining a preset height or depth.

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There are many optional features that can be included to set the 7600 Series tractor up to a specific application such as hydraulic cab suspension, front axle suspension, and guidance ready. More choices offer the operator the chance to customize this tractor to whatever jobs need doing on the farm or in the fields.

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Front Axle & Cab Suspension

Front Axle Suspension for increased ground contact, reduced wheel slippage, and reduced power hop. This provided increased efficiency in the field since the tires stay on the ground.

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